Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pictures! Garden Update

Biggest tomatoes
Here is my update for our garden this week.  Lots of pictures!

I think 11 out of 17 tomato plants have tomatoes on them!  SO excited.

Zucchini (we have two)

Pepper Plants

Horseradish Bush

Pumpkins (Not doing so hot, but still growing at least!)

 Not everything is doing GREAT, but it's all growing, so I am happy. 

The beets are pretty pathetic. 

The what-I-thought-was-broccoli is actually either cabbage or cauliflower.  The jury is still out.  Either way, I'm happy! 

The pumpkin plants are growing slowly... not sure why, but they look alright, just a lot smaller than the other plants I started at the same time. 

The Porch Garden is really taking off.  We planted a 'volunteer' tomato plant from the garden and a leftover mystery tomato plant that I had started indoors, along with a cucumber plant (2 in one of them!) in each of the big purple planters.  There is basil, lettuce and spinach in the shallow long planter. 
The Porch Garden + compost bins + empty groundhog trap

Spinach going to seed, kale

Roma Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Roma tomatoes!

How is your garden doing?

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  1. Janet! This is soooo cool!! I need to come up and see it in person! I have tomatoes on my Topsy Turvy (I think about 6 and plenty of flowers!) My lettuce has gotten a bit crazy because we haven't been home to eat it! I think I'll cut it all back ad start over. As the leaves have gotten bigger, it's not as sweet! Keep up the great work!