Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Here's my Ben with a tour of the garden for you!

Some notes for you:
  • the lettuce was mostly eaten by the small groundhog we are currently trying to trap
  • the peas are doing HORRIBLY!  some because of the above groundhog and some because the bunnies eat them through the fence.
  • we also have cut worms which have taken out some beets, broccoli and cabbage
  • the groundhog also took out three or four cabbages and three or four broccoli plants, and my only cauliflower plant!  (I started some more cabbage and cauliflower inside yesterday in hopes of a late crop... with no groundhog around!)
  • The empty box in the middle of the garden is the future home of our potatoes... yeah, i guess i should get on that! :-) 
  • just today I saw what I think is a four lined plant bug, which I know is not good, but have yet to look into what to do about them. 
  • I am angry at the groundhog. 
Oh, AND I planted a small container garden on my porch!  I got two huge buckets from Five Below for five dollars each, drilled holes in them and... tah-dah!  A cheap planter, in a fun color.  Each bucket has one cherry tomato plant and a cucumber, and I plan to start some lettuce in there as soon as the plants get a bit bigger.

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