Thursday, June 21, 2012

Liquid Lunch

Today is so hot!  I wasn't particularly hungry at lunch, and we ate breakfast somewhat later than usual.  So, I took a tip that I got sometime last summer at Life In A Shoe, and I made us a smoothie for lunch.  I added things that I knew were healthy and would fill us up.

Yesterday we picked up our first CSA of the season, and I have lots of veggies to use now!

Our smoothie started with some beet greens (about a cup).  I have never used beet greens before, but I read someone's post on facebook who said she had sauteed them, so I thought, 'why not use them any way that I use spinach?' So, they went in our smoothie.  I saved some to saute too, because I want to try them. :-)

Next, I added ice cubes so when I buzzed it up, it would be cool and refreshing. Then I added two bananas.  They are filling and sweet, so I didn't add any sweetener!  For some staying protein, I added about 2TBS of peanut butter.  For deliciousness, I added a scant 2 TBS of cocoa powder, and I finished it off with about 2 cups of raw milk.

I swirled it all around, and it made about 4 cups of delicious smoothie.  I was worried the beet greens would make it unappetizing-- that they would have a very strong taste and the kids wouldn't go for it, but that didn't happen.

This was a great smoothie for a hot day.  I know my kids got some healthy things in them, and that they will not be hungry for awhile. I feel great after having greens for lunch-- not tired and ready for a nap-- at least not as much as I usually do!

What do you eat for lunch on a hot day?  Or do you just skip it all together?

Monday, June 4, 2012

School day

So far school days are a little bit hectic in our house.  hopefully in the fall we will have it all worked out. I want to work out the schedule for each child and goals for each child to do everyday and goals for each child for the whole school year.  This year we are kind of winging it and it is a little bit chaotic. But with a new baby it is just how our lives have had to go for now. Here is a glimpse of our table in the mist of the chaos!