Sunday, May 1, 2011

Menu Plan 5.1.2011

Well, it's that time again... I have to come up with some sort of plan by which to feed my family for the next two weeks.  I feel that our house is COMPLETELY stocked with food right now, due to our recent trip to Miller's Natural Foods. Check out our trip!!!

Okay so, off the top of my head, here is what I want to have for dinner the next few weeks. I haven't asked the troops what they want yet, so I may have to make some additions. :-)

  1. Taco Corn Fritters (Chili?/ Beans and rice?) Salad
  2. Vegetable Tetrazzini
  3. Potato Soup
  4. Vegetable soup
  5. Hummus, veggies, pitas, (something else)
  6. Orzo Salad (like we had at Easter) I don't really have a recipe, so when I make it, if it's good, I'll post it for you to enjoy too. Because, it was awesome!
  7. Coleslaw with something.... (what really sounds good here is hot dogs.  But I don't know if I want to pay as much as the hot dogs we eat cost, or go to the OTHER store that only carries them... )
  8. Socca with something.... (maybe a roasted veggie and socca sandwich? I'm not good at making socca yet, but I want to be.  And, I found garbanzo bean flour at Wegman's! I was looking in the wrong aisle before...)
  9. Black Bean Burrito Bake (I probably won't use as much cheese as she does this time, since we have cut way back on dairy) and fresh veggies
  10. Quinoa Burgers and potato wedges and broccoli
  11. Green waffles and green gravy (MAYBE... Ben asked for it the other day)
  12. Chicken and vegetables (sweet potato wedges?) 
Okay, well, that was fun.  Can you see I really feel a bit sketchy about this plan.  Lots of maybes, and uncertains.  One thing I know for sure is that I have to get some veggies!

This week, hopefully I'll be back a bit more than last week.  I hope to tell you about our garden and the changes taking place there, and why I was so excited about a turkey carcass! 

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    1. i think we must visit the same blogs! bc i just found the burrito bake recipe and the taco corn fritter recipes and am planning to try them soon! i love your blog. thanks for sharing!