Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cooking Tip #2

As I mentioned earlier this week, we like to eat Indian food around here.  And, I like to make it!  Indian food always calls for fresh ginger (or, it should! and if your recipe doesn't call for fresh ginger, look for another one!). 

Ginger root keeps for awhile in the fridge.  But, most times, I would buy it and end up throwing more than half of it away, because I just don't use that much ginger. 

The last time I bought ginger root, I threw it in the freezer.  Now, when I want some fresh grated ginger root, I get one out of the freezer and use my microplaner. I grate the peel into the sink and then the root into my recipe.  Then, I put the root back into the freezer, where it stays until next time. 

Now, I don't have to buy ginger and feel badly throwing it out if I don't use it for awhile.  I am saving money! 

I even have found that it's easier to grate when it's frozen, because it doesn't have all the tough strings that don't grate very well when fresh. 

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  1. i love ginger, but can't ever use it fast enough either! that's a great idea! thanks janet!