Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Turkey Carcass!

Today I am so thankful for.... a turkey carcass!!?!!

Actual conversation with my Uncle Andre after Easter dinner:

Andre: "Janet, take home some leftovers.  Whatever you want."
Me: "Ummm, can I have the carcass?"
Me: "I'll even pick off the meat for you!"
Andre: "Um, sure..."
Me: "Yeeeeessssss!"

I am so thankful for this turkey carcass because I used it to make turkey stock.  Mmmm... Lots of delicious, nutritious, homemade turkey stock.  And then, I canned it.  (Be still my heart).  Eleven quarts of it, to be exact.  With enough leftover to make something for dinner.  (There's only nine quarts in the picture below because I already used one, and one didn't seal, so I froze it.)

When I buy stock, which is rarely, because I make it whenever I can out of chicken or turkey bones, it costs roughly FOUR dollars for a quart.  That means for PENNIES, I made myself $44 worth of turkey stock.  I used exactly one onion, two carrots and three stalks of celery.  Three tablespoons of salt and a couple of bay leaves.

In conclusion, today I am thankful for my Uncle Andre for giving me his turkey carcass, my MIL who gave me a canner for Christmas, and my resulting eleven quarts of turkey stock.

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