Monday, May 23, 2011

A New Obsession

Lately I have a new obsession-- a yummie drink that I like to enjoy hot or cold. 

I recently went shopping all by myself at the mall.  That meant I got to shop the loose tea store to my heart's content.  I have liked rooibus tea for awhile-- even before it became popular due to all the 'health benefits.'  (Which I had no idea what they were until I googled it and came up with this.) ANYway, I was really interested in the section that they had of rooibus teas-- all KINDS of different flavors!  So, I settled on chocolate rooibus and coconut rooibus tea.  I was surprised when the label printed out-- "Herbal Chocolate Chai" and "Herbal Coconut Chai." 

The last time I had tried chai was admittedly years ago, but I hadn't liked it.  Hmmm, but, the rooibus tea had sounded sooo good!  I just had to wait and see. 

I got home and made myself some and it was awesome!  I drink it all the time now! 

And I have even started adding a few tablespoons of rice or coconut milk and a splash of agave. 

The other night, I even used some leftover tea, added the milk and agave, and put ice in it and drank it with a straw

In conclusion, get yourself to your local loose tea store and buy some rooibus tea!  Try some of the delicious flavors that are available and make some homemade chai!

ps. one last thought for you:  rooibus tea is naturally decaffeinated!  Drink it any time of the day, without the being-wired-for-the-rest-of-the-day-or-night feeling!

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