Sunday, March 6, 2011

Portraits of food this week

Here are some of the things I have been working on this week:

This is my first batch of sourdough bread with my new starter in the background!  It obviously didn't rise very well, and I have to work on that... but it tastes good!  Not to sourdough-y. Plus, on the right is a batch of hummus I made up in the blender.  We had raw veggies and hummus for lunch yesterday, and I was amazed at how many veggies the kids would eat when dipped in something as nutritious as hummus.


Here is a loaf of bread which I soaked and baked. It looks so much nicer than the sourdough loaves!  I forgot the salt, of course, which is a recurring theme in my kitchen. :-)

And finally, here is the Potatoes with Cauliflower curry I made for dinner tonight. (oooh, you can see my reflection in the teapot!) Anyway, I thought it looked too bland-- monochrome.

I added some peas.  It was delicious!  (But, the Five Guys fries we splurged on and ate with dinner kind of overshadowed it.)

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