Sunday, March 27, 2011

Menu Plan 3.27.2011

It seems like I just posted a menu plan!  But this weekend was my weekend to go shopping (I've been going only every two weeks, and LOVING it), so I needed to make a plan.  Here it is. 

  1. Spaghetti (Zucchini or wheat, haven't decided.  Might have both!)
  2. Roast with Beet Salad and roast carrots
  3. Beef tacos with broccoli
  4. Potato and Spinach Curry
  5. Noodles with gravy and salad
  6. Mashed potatoes and Sauerkraut (Our next batch will be done this weekend!)
  7. Lentil Stew
  8. Chili with stewmeat, Salad and cornbread muffins
  9. Sweet Potato soup with salad (or maybe coleslaw?)
  10. Chicken Tacos with a veggie
  11. Beans and Rice
Let's see how we do for the next two weeks!  Thanks for keeping me on track.  :-)

Do you menu plan? What's your favorite way to plan?

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