Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Confession: Sugar Binge

I have been on a sugar binge this week. 

It's even been more than a sugar binge, but a white flour, coffee binge also.

It started with Ellie's first birthday, and having three different kinds of dessert.  What's a girl to do but eat a piece of each?  And then nibble (okay, more like, scarf down as much as possible...) the delicious buttercream icing that my sister lovingly used to decorate the cake she made. And have a cup of coffee to go with them.

Then, of course there were leftovers of the cakes, which my husband, in his great strength of will, declined to eat with me... WHAT CHOICE DID I HAVE?  I had to eat them! 

  • Monday we went to Whole Foods (I had never been!) on a family field trip and we got white bread from the bakery.  Mmmm...
  • Tuesday I had friends over for a birthday party. More coffee, and muffins (at least they were whole wheat and low sugar, but they might have had leftover chocolate avocado icing on them...) Then in the evening, I had some delicious white-sugar-white-flour-white-chocolate-chip cookies at Wegman's.
  • Today was especially bad.  I had a huge piece of cake in the afternoon.  Cookie cake.  So. Good. And after dinner, I made myself a cup of Starbucks and had another piece of cookie cake with the kids. And just now I had a bowl of cinnamon crunch cereal with coconut milk.
Like any good sugar-flour-coffee binge, this one MUST to come to an end.  Praying for the strength of will to end it... tomorrow! :-)

ps. i haven't given up coffee altogether, but I have been drinking WAY more than usual!


  1. Really? Never been to Whole Foods? I guess if you have to make it a field trip it's not convenient! For me it's either WF or Safeway, so I try to choose WF. THROW AWAY THE CAKE!!!! Put it down the waste disposal! That way it's really gone! :)

  2. Oh, we ate it all! It's all gone now! :-)

  3. Although this comes almost a year late, as someone in your shoes I am very proud that you had the courage to post this. I find myself frequently on sugar binges. Anymore i don't have the guilt i quite used to have but I know how that feels. I enjoy your blog. It is very nice and down-to-earth.