Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Brownies

Yesterday it was my birthday, and my lovely husband decided to make some birthday brownies!  These are not just any ordinary brownies, but ones made entirely of raw food!

We have recently been experimenting with raw recipes, and this one was SO GOOD.  They even have icing.  The best part-- they are good for you!  Anyway, I will let these brownies speak for themselves.

Chris found the recipe at and here is the post for the brownies.

(We substituted one banana for one of the avocados, because we only had one avocado.  WHEN I make the recipe again, I will try two avocados, because the banana flavor was good, but a bit overpowering.)

I can't wait to share more recipes and fun discoveries!  I already have a list in my head of some things to share.  I'll also have to get you up to date on our food journey from the past five years!



  1. So Fun! Looking forward to my "good Food"

  2. Cool! These actually look like something I would like to try!

  3. I can't ever turn down a good brownie! I like the new blog too. :-D

  4. yeah, it happened in the dryer. guess i'll be more careful next time!