Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Food Log: February

Hey everyone!  Can you believe February is OVER?! I cannot.  Tomorrow starts the month when we will probably have a new baby! Ahhh! :-)

Anyway, remember last month, when I posted about my food log calendar?  Well, I thought I would make a quick list for you again this month. 

I'm not going to link to any of these, because that takes forever, and I would rather be writing other posts that I have planned, like what I do with a whole chicken to make it last and last and wring every ounce of goodness out of it.  and, also I have a post I want to write and a challenge I want to take that I think would be really good for me but also might make my head explode!  So, you can look forward to that post, and see if my head is actually still in one piece.  :-P

What we ate in February (for dinner):
1.  Pizza
2.  Chicken, quinoa and chickpeas pilaf
3.  Chicken and waffles with corn, cookie cake, ice cream (It was my birthday!)
4.  Spaghetti
5.  Tuna/Sardine melt sandwiches, broccoli with cheese sauce (this was a very cheesey meal!)
6.  Leg o' Lamb, green beans, mashed potatoes
7.  Leftover lamb, mashed potatoes, green smoothie
8.  Pizza
9.  veggie soup, cheese and crackers
10.  Indian Potatoes and cauliflower, Indian lentil soup (which was way too spicy for the kids)
11. Leftovers
12. Roasted chicken, broccoli, french fries
13.  Chicken tacos, rice pudding
14.  Broccoli Farfalle
15.  Potato soup
16.  Sloppy joes, quinoa with asparagus and corn
17.  French toast, scrapple, eggs
18.  Wings, potato wedges, sweet potato wedges, carrots
19.  Chili with macaroni noodles (otherwise known as chili mac), cake, ice cream-- Ellie's Party!
20.  Pizza
21.  Annie's Macaroni and cheese with peas, sweet potatoes (Chris had to work that night)
22.  Rice and beans with a bit of pepperoni
23.  Pumpkin soup, spinach and asparagus quiche
24.  Spaghetti with spinach sauce, garlic bread
25.  Steak, rice, roasted carrots
26.  Lamb Rogan Josh, Indian spiced rice with peas, liver and onions (Chris and I had different ideas about what was for dinner-- can you guess who wanted what?)
27.  Steak fried rice
28.  Veggie burgers on pitas, beets, applesauce
29.  Veggie soup, biscuits (Happy Leap Day!)

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