Thursday, February 2, 2012

PIzza and what it costs

Laura from is doing an experiment to see how much some of her recipes cost.  I thought it would be fun to do some of my own.  Here's how much the pizza we had for dinner tonight cost.  We also had five pieces left over, which Chris will take for lunch.  So, that's five people for one meal and two lunches.  That's less than $2 per meal ($13/ 7 meals).

mozzarella (1/2 pound fresh made at store)-- 3.50
mushrooms (8oz package)-- 2.00
onion (1 organic)-- .50
flour (5 cups sprouted whole wheat)-- 1.25
oil (1/4 cup)--
salt (2 tsp)--
yeast (4 tsp)--
tomatoes (organic grape, 1/2 package)-- 1.75
tomato sauce (12 oz jarred crushed organic tomatoes)-- 1.50

TOTAL: $13 or less for two pizzas

ps. sorry i didn't figure out how much oil, salt and yeast cost me because I am too tired right now! also, i didn't figure out how much each cup of flour costs me, i just stole laura's calculation of $.28 per cup.  mine may be a bit more or less.  i rounded up.  :-)

Hope this was insightful.  :-)

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