Sunday, October 7, 2012

Family Bike Ride

This weekend, we went on our first family bike ride!  I am so excited that it finally worked out!

We have been trying to get everything together that we need to take our sweet kiddies on the Chester Valley Trail, which is near our house. Ben rode his mountain bike.

Sam rode a trail behind bike attached to my bike.

John and Ellie hitched a ride in our new bike trailer behind Chris. Let's have a closer look.

There they are! John, after wailing for awhile-- he's never worn a helmet before and the straps are kind of awkward in there-- finally fell asleep on Ellie's shoulder. Ellie was pretty happy, though-- sucking her thumb, hugging her baby and checking out the sights as they went by.

We had a really fun ride today, and it turned out to be easier than Chris and I thought. The trail goes about 4.2 miles and ends at a local Wegman's.  One day, we plan to bike to Wegman's for lunch and then come home!  Today, we went about half way to Wegman's before we turned around.  That's still about a 4 or 5 mile round trip.

Ben has been to the trail with Chris before, and Chris and I have made the trek to Wegman's for his birthday, but it was Sam, Ellie and John's first time. 

Sam has been SO excited to go on the trail.  He was singing almost the entire trip.  Not any song you know, just whatever popped into his head.  He can be a real cutie.

When we got back to the car, we had a snack and packed up.  We will definitely be biking the Chester Valley Trail again soon!

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