Friday, April 15, 2011

Zucchini Spaghetti with Cous Cous, White Beans and Creamy Garlic Sauce

Wow, that's a long name for a recipe!  Maybe I should call it.... "warm cous cous salad with garlic sauce, zucchini, and beans." hmm... still too long.  "warm cous cous salad with garlic sauce"?  How about, "Some stuff in a bowl for dinner?"

well, anyway, here's what I did.

Ben wanted zucchini spaghetti for dinner, but we just had regular spaghetti AND macaroni noodles with chili in the last two days.  I was red-sauced-out! Then I was trying to figure out what might complement the zucchini, and make it into a complete, filling meal.  Hmm, there was cous cous in the cabinet. That's easy to make, and super quick... I almost just left it at that, but then I decided, one more addition might be good.  I have beans cooked and frozen in 2 cup containers just for days like this!  I grabbed one out, and I had the meal put together. 

Now, what to top it with?  I thought of garlic cream sauce, because it would be like spaghetti-- Alfredo.  So I whipped up some of that:

4 cloves garlic
1/4 cup butter
2 cups milk (i used unsweetened coconut)
kelp powder (We've been using this to get iodine in our diet since we don't use iodized salt)
arrowroot powder (maybe 1 TBS or less) (can also use cornstarch, if you're wondering what arrowroot powder is, or just don't have any.  It's a thickener.)

I cooked the garlic for less than a minute in the butter, stirred in everything else, brought it to a boil to thicken.  Ta-da!  Garlic Cream Sauce.  (And that sounds so fancy! At least, in my mind it does.)

Okay, so this is what I thought this dish would be: kind of reminicent of a summer salad, with a light coating of sauce, but all ingredients would be kind of separated-- think pasta salad.

This is how the dish actually ended up: Almost like cous cous garlic soup. It was mushy, which I wasn't thrilled with, but it tasted delicious. The kids didn't like it, though.  So, there is that consideration.  Chris and I enjoyed it.  But, we did NOT enjoy the cranky hungry kids we had later in the evening.  :-) I think, if I make this again, I will try less sauce.  Maybe a different grain might work better.  I don't know.  What are your thoughts?

How would you improve this recipe?

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