Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to Cook Beans and Make them Yummie

I make beans frequently.  Why?

  1. they are cheap!
  2. they fill you up like meat. 
  3. they stretch dishes with meat in them. (chili, sloppy joes, soups, etc.)
  4. they have protein.
  5. they are not wheat.
  6. they are not dairy. 
I recently discoverd that putting beans in the pressure cooker is so awesome.  The beans cook really quickly.  You don't have to soak them. They are always perfect. 

I learned reccently also that it is okay to cook beans with salt!  When I first started cooking them, I read that salt makes beans tough when you cook them and should always add it after they are cooked. But I always felt my beans were flat and lacked 'zing.' Even when I cooked them with onion and garlic! Now, I cook them with salt.  And usually in the pressure cooker. 

Here's how:
for every one cup of beans, add 1 tsp salt and four cups water to your pan or pressure cooker. 

Cook them for that long. 

Use them in whatever you like. 

See?  Easy. Now you can make beans frequently too! 

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