Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crazy Stuff that I do and take

I have becoming quite the fringe foodie/ wellness-ie recently.  I thought I might share some of the kooky crazy things I try to do every day. :-) Cuz, I thought you might want to gawk.

In the morning, I wake up and drink a glass of water. (I KNOW so weird, can you believe it!?)
Then, I make another glass of water with:

I take 5,000 IU vitamin D and 1/2 tsp fermented cod liver oil/butter oil (get cinnamon tingle, it is way better than chocolate creme) with the second glass of water. It's a little rough, but I always remind myself how good for me it is! Plus, Chris discovered that taking the vitamin C with the enriching greens makes it more tolerable. :-) 

At night I brush my teeth, floss, and get a tablespoon of coconut oil for oil pulling
Then I take a shower, but first I give my skin a good dry brush.  :-) 
After my shower, I spit out the coconut oil into the trash. 

Also, for my kids I give them 1000-2000 IU of vitamin D every day (that I remember) and I just made some elderberry syrup (immunity boosting) that I will be giving them every day also.  I don't worry about forgetting that, because it has honey in it and I know they will stalk me for it.  :-P 

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