Monday, May 13, 2013

Food Journey Update 5.12.13

I just wanted to make it official that we took Ellie off of dairy in addition to gluten about two weeks ago.  Since then, her itchies have gone away almost completely.  It is amazing.  I wish I had taken pictures to show you.

As for what am I doing about milk?  I have been making her nut milks homemade and only using them with her.  The recipes I found online were pretty consistent:  1 cup nuts to 3 cups water.

I am in need of a nut milk bag, as I have been straining them with my fine mesh strainer, and they are a bit more gritty than they would be with a milk bag. But in general I am happy with it. Two years ago, I balked at making my own nut milks but now it seems like no big deal.

Why make my own verses buying the store brands?  Mainly, the extra ingredients in the store brands.  Many have added sugar, although you can buy unsweetened versions.  Also, there is the thickener carageenan in almost every nut milk on the market.  Carageenan is a known carcinogen that has been approved for use in foods, even organic ones.

 It is amazing the journey on which God has taken me with our food... I really feel that He used our time two years ago being gluten and dairy limited and also used the meal plan Chris bought me for Christmas to prepare my heart and my abilities to handle this. I am thankful that I can do this for the health of my family!  And I am looking forward to further refining our diet to be as healthy as possible! It is an ever-changing journey, to say the least!


  1. i've really been wanting to try to make some nut milks, and haven't yet. thanks for some motivation to try!

  2. it's so much more fun to make it yourself! here's the nut milk bag I it: