Monday, January 28, 2013

Morning Musings

Good Morning!

I was sitting eating my oatmeal thinking about how long it had been since I posted.

We had one of my most favorite breakfasts.  It's not so glamorous in that it's 'just oatmeal;' oatmeal is served frequently in this house!

But today was different. Blueberry oatmeal with real, heavy whipping cream and almonds. Oh my.  The richness of the cream in the oatmeal is decadent.  It is one of my most favorite things.


Some other things to ponder this morning.

  • John really likes oatmeal, especially if you let him eat it himself.
  • Sam has been eating double or triple what he usually eats.  Last night he had THIRDS. This coming from the kid we used to have to wait an hour or more for him to eat even two tablespoons of food. 
  • It's 8:25am and Sam is still asleep! 
  • It's snowing.  :-) 

Have a great snowy day! 

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