Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sam Turns 4!!

My "Sweet Baby Sam" turned four today!  Can you believe it? Me either.
Fall 2008

Winter 2009
Sam has always had a heart for worship (Fall 2010):

Sam turned three at the beach last year! (2011)
Just look how he's grown!

Sam wanted beef tacos for dinner and chocolate cupcakes for dessert.  I made these chocolate muffins and iced them with a very (homemade) butter-heavy (so it would be super creamy) icing. 

They were super moist and delicious! I used half the sugar, omitted the chocolate chips and subbed butter for the oil.  We made butter earlier this week from the thickest heavy cream I have ever seen!  It was basicaly butter when we started.  :-)  Thanks to Milky Way Farm for selling it and my lovely friend Monica for telling me to buy it!

We love you, Sam!  Happy birthday.  :-)

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  1. Happy Birthday to a very sweet boy!
    I hope you saved some "cupcakes" for Grammy!