Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to make Bread

Or, a transcript of the last hour of my life.

 Add ingredients to the bowl for making bread.
 Run out of flour.
Grind more.
Ben informs me Sam peed on the floor.
 Go help Sam clean up pee.
Baby is crying.  Needs nap. 
 Ellie has to go pee.
 Leave baby on bed.
Help Ellie go pee.
Turn on water for Sam to wash hands. 
Go to put baby to bed.
Sheet needs to be changed.
Get sheet.
Ellie needs to wash hands. Turn on water for her.
Smells like baby poop in room-- need to wash diapers.
Go to start diapers soaking.
Change baby's sheet.
Shut off water for Ellie.
Put baby to bed.
Find one more diaper-- put it in the wash.
Admire Ben and Ellie's castle-- realize Ellie never put pants back on.
Tell Ellie to get her pants on.
Go put flour into bowl and let it knead.
Stop kneeding-- realize baby still crying.
Set timer so bread can rise.
Baby acting hungry.
Remember diaper in diaper bag from yesterday.
Throw it in the wash.
Give 'middles' phone to watch pictures while I nurse.
Baby takes few sips, not interested.
Middles fighting because they are touching each other.
Ben enters scene-- tries to resolve situation, to no avail.
Take phone away from children.
Sulking because 'didn't get to see enough pictures.'
Send three oldest to bed for ten minutes for whining.
Put baby in cow chair to try and finish typing. 
Baby still crying when put him down.
Type for a few minutes.
Baby crying.
Ellie comes running out of room-- "I have to pee-- I'm peeing!!"
Run to help Ellie maybe make it to the potty.
Too late.
Clean up pee.
Wash mine and Ellie's hands.
Baby still crying.
Have small freak out session.
Apologize to kids for loss of self control.
Give each child something to do by themselves.
Put baby to bed-- still crying. 
Finish typing (hopefully!)
Ahh, baby finally went to sleep.
Children being somewhat considerate. 

So, that's how you make bread.  Hopefully there won't be as many steps for the other things on my list today, because 'make bread' was only the first.  Still on the list:

Make sauerkraut
brew kombucha
clean shower
vacuum living room, dining room
scripture time with kids
quiet time for me
change table cloth, and wash table cloths
hard boiled eggs
make egg salad for dinner
(go to the pool)-- not going to happen, considering it's already lunch time and i only got to one thing on my list.
go out to dinner with my husband for my anniversary.

now, on to accomplish something great today!


  1. Raising 4 gorgeous children who are healthy, well behaved, talented, and eat anything you put in front of them IS accomplishing something great!