Monday, April 8, 2013

Garden 2013 Update 2

Well, it was longer than I wanted until I got to this post (of course).  I don't have any pictures (sadly) -- not that there's much to look at right now.  :-)

Maybe tomorrow I will have Ben, Sam and Ellie take you on a tour of the garden.  That is always fun and amusing.

But here's the quick update.

  • Despite bad technique planting garlic last fall, almost all of it has come up and is about 3" tall. 
  • The strawberries are starting to get new growth on them. 
  •  Chris bought a grapevine, which I planted today
  • Chris got three blueberry bushes that I planted this past weekend out front
  • Ben got a kiwi plant that we haven't planted yet. (who knew you could plant kiwi around here?!)
  • I planted peas yesterday (both snap and regular) 
  • Chris planted radishes which are coming up (little baby sprouts!)
  • We planted a bag of 75 snowball onions, some of which are sprouting a bit
  • Chris expanded the garden to the size it will be this year, dug a little trench around it, put the fence around it, and put some landscaping fabric over half of it. 
That's all I can think of right now.  Hopefully tomorrow you can see it with me.  It looks rather barren right now, but the promise of spring and summer is there in the little green sprouts peeking out here and there!  

Good night!

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