Friday, May 25, 2012

Goose Eggs!

Just before John was born, we bought a quarter of beef.  (What does that have to do with goose eggs, seriously!)

Well, the people who sold us the beef also sold us about ten pounds of liver.  We have been eating a lot more liver recently.  It has lots of iron and other things that are great for you.  Plus it's fun that our kids like liver.  Ben even declared that, "liver is the best meat because it's not tough like beef, or chicken, or lamb..." I wouldn't say it's the best meat, but I do like it fried with onions and gravy! (Really, WHERE are you going with this!?)

Four white goose eggs and one brown chicken egg

Also, the people who sold us the beef and the liver have geese.  (Finally, we get to the geese!)  So, we bought some goose eggs.  They were big.  We scrambled them up for breakfast one Saturday morning.  They tasted just like chicken!.... eggs. :-)

Chicken yolk with goose yolk

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