Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dehydrator Additions

We recently started sprouting our wheat.  Well, we were dehydrating our wheat in the oven, when finally we wised up a bit. 

We have had a dehydrator that we borrowed from my FIL awhile ago.  Chris researched and got some screen off the internet that is food grade and small enough that the wheat won't fall through.  He cut the screen to the size of our dehydrator trays.  Then we also purchased two more trays for the dehydrator.  Now, we can dry 50% more wheat at once in the dehydrator than we could in the oven (because of the two new trays).  We plan to get two more trays (at least) sometime in the future.

Also, my oven doesn't have to be on for 12 hours at a time dehydrating wheat.  Drying wheat in the oven is truly inconvenient if it happens to be during the day because I cannot use my oven all day long, or if I want to, I have to take four full trays of wheat out of it, bake what I need to, put them back in, and often end up staying up late or getting up in the middle of the night to take the wheat out of the oven and turn off the oven.  Or, just leave it on all night unnecessarily. 

Now that our dehydrator is taller, it doesn't fit in its original box.  This weekend, I made it a cute cover.  It's not completely done, as I would like to make it into a bag with handles and a top flap cover and maybe even a zipper (Chris thinks I'm crazy to do this all for a dehydrator) or at least a little velcro.  But, since we aren't done buying trays, and I don't know how many we will have at the end of this (you can use it with up to 12 trays!, and we only have six), for now it just has a cover that slips over the top while I'm not using it.  At least it's sparkle-ey and full of stars!  :-)

I was excited about this sewing project because it was round.  (The first round project I have attempted!)  I measured the circumference and the diameter separately, and didn't do the math to see if they were close to each other, so the top is a little off... but I didn't care enough to take the whole thing out and actually do all that math!  So it will just have to look a little funny on top.  :-)
See the funky fold in the top?

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