Thursday, August 11, 2011

why I've been away

I've been reading. 

A book. 

A great book about food. 

Why YOU should feed your family healthful, nutrient rich food. 

And teach them about it too. 

It's called Disease Proof Your Child: Feeding Kids Right by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

It has been amazing.  All the things I have been leaning towards, with scientific studies cited, recipes to try, and even a suggested meal plan. 

Dr. Fuhrman advocates a vegetarian or near-vegetarian diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, low in fat, sugar, and salt, and non-dairy.

The book centers around how much of the disease in our country is a direct result of the food we eat.  If you could lessen your chance or your child's chance of heart disease or attack by simply changing your diet, wouldn't you? 

There are some things that I don't know if I will do that he suggests in the book, like cut back almost entirely of salt and oils.  But, I have realized from this book that we are in a good place in our family, but there are still steps we have to take to eat more healthfully.  I have been getting comfortable, and even slipping into habits to which I had not wanted to return.  This book really helped me see that and deepen my desire to feed my kids and my family the best food possible.  I also took the next step towards cutting out cheese and butter from our diets almost entirely.  I will try not to have cheese in the house, and I will keep only a small supply of butter for special occasions (and frying eggs, because seriously, what else can you fry an egg in?)

Anyway, I am here today to encourage you to get the book and check it out.  He is a family practitioner and encourages whole families to take small steps toward eating more healthfully.  It is a journey for everyone; we are all on a different path, at different stages, but there is always something you can do to eat a little more healthfully.  Maybe it is resolving to have one more piece of fruit each day.  Maybe it is resolving to go completely vegan. 

Anyway, I am here today to encourage you to check out the book.  I have been so busy reading it I haven't had time to blog.  It's an encouraging book-- there IS hope!  Check it out!

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